September 9, 2022

Warning - The Big Lie in Real Estate

Warning – The Big Lie in Real Estate about the Team Approach

I have a real estate warning for you. Jealous agents, frustrated by our success, may tell you things about the real estate sales team approach that is just not true! These lies may even be hazardous to your bank account.

Well, there is more than one way this big lie is hazardous to your wealth. It’s told because they can’t argue that if you want the most successful agent working for you, it’s our team.

Since they can’t argue the facts, they make up lies.

First of all, when you hire our team, you get our entire elite award-winning team of top-producing agents and expert assistance.

The team includes licensed real estate agents with many combined years of experience. The real estate sales team is trained, coached, and personally supervised on a daily basis.

This team, now your team, implements the property marketing system that has made YHSGR famous worldwide and keeps us, top producers, in our market area.

The team approach is actually the preferred way of servicing clients in many other fields. 

Consider doctors, lawyers, and dentists. They all have a good team surrounding them.

To give you a good comparison, if you’re the president of a company and you hire a top advertising agency, you don’t get that agency’s president personally taking your calls, unless necessary, or writing your ad, taking photos, etc.

Instead, you have your account executive who is your liaison with the entire team of creative people, writers, media, buyers, and others. Under this direction and supervision, the force and power of the entire team are deployed to achieve your objectives.

Watch this Quick Video on how our Team Approach Benefits Home Sellers

So exactly how does our team work for you? Very, very well.

Here’s how it works in practice. Your account executive, one of the top real estate agents on the team, lists your property and assembles all the information necessary to aggressively and successfully market it.

The package they put together is personally reviewed by our real estate leader.

A complete marketing plan is customized for your property.

The team leader, you, your account executive agent, and everyone else on the team reviews the plan, make suggestions, raises questions, and make certain everything is market ready.

This all happens within 72 hours of hiring our team to sell your home.

Your account executive agent shows you the plan, the ads, the letters, everything. Everyone on the team is familiar with your property and communicates with their clients’ contacts and the real estate community and others about its availability.

Within days, hundreds of other real estate agents have been directly made aware of your property as a possibility for the buyers that they represent.

So, if you’re serious about getting the most amount of money from your home sale, put our home selling team to work for you.

Contact us today and start packing.

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