February 7, 2022

Performance Guarantees

Discover when to pull out performance guarantees from your Agent Batman Utility Belt. These methods are tested and approved selling skills you’ll want to know about.

Performance Guarantees

Learning how to overcome objections is something that real estate agents must learn. It should be the goal of every agent to have a few performance guarantees available to overcome the most common objections. If you are like me I love learning new strategies to help convert more buyers and sellers into closings! As we’ve built our real estate business, we have learned many strategies from Craig Proctor. This post will share with you the strategies we have learned.

You are going to learn how to use performance guarantees to overcome objections.

After learning a few strategies to overcome objections using performance guarantees, you too will be able to create a few scripts to overcome your most commonly encountered objections!

This post is all about learning about how performance guarantees can help a real estate agent overcome objections. 

Your Batman Utility Belt of PERFORMANCE GUARANTEES

Would you agree?

Batman’s Belt had EVERYTHING he needed to protect the community and fight Crime!

Well, the Craig Proctor Quantum Leap System is like your Batman Utility Belt.

It has EVERYTHING you need to make MASSIVE Quantum Leaps in your Real Estate Business! That’s right! Whether you’re an agent with our company, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty or another brokerage, I am sure you would agree, Buyers and Sellers LOVE Guarantees.

We tell the agents at YHSGR, “Before you get on another phone call, before you go on another appointment, make sure you have your Batman Utility Belt of PERFORMANCE GUARANTEES ready. They work for any objection coming your way!”

Enter Batman

First, let us describe what we are talking about; when you were a kid, do you remember watching Adam West on the show Batman? It seemed like he had a solution for everything. LOL! He would reach into his Batman Utility Belt and pull out whatever he needed to sort of save the day or situation.

And, guess what, YHSGR has the same thing right at your fingertips!

For example, when you’re with a prospect negotiating a deal, and you get stuck when faced with an objection.

Or how about this?
The buyer says, Hey Todd, this looks good. I like everything you’re sharing with me, but I believe I could save more money if I go directly to, in this case, the listing agent.

What do you say? How do you handle the many questions or objections?

Batman Utility Belt of Performance Guarantees to Save the Day!

Well, whenever you run out of things to say, that’s when you’re going to reach in your Batman Utility Belt, and you’re going to pull out a Performance Guarantee!

One of the great things real estate coach Craig Proctor taught from the beginning, all those many years ago when he first started with the Quantum Leap System, was the VALUE of using a Performance Guarantee!

When you run out of something to say, in other words, you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t know what to say; how to deal with that objection; how to answer that issue; or, how to get that person to lower their price.” That’s when you present the Performance Guarantee!

I’ll give you three examples.

Performance Guarantee Example 1

The first example, let’s say a seller is a little high on their price, and if we could get them to bring the price down a bit, get their HOME sold fast, but the seller is objecting. You know they will take $450,000 for the home, and it is currently at $500,000, but they don’t want to go down to $450,000 because they are nervous the buyer will ask for less than 450,000.

This is when you would bring out the Performance Guarantee on Price. I will guarantee you that you’ll get $450,000, and if you do not receive $450,000, I will pay the difference. So, you see what I just did? I used a Price Guarantee. We call it Performance Guarantees. I could disagree and argue with the seller and be stubborn, but of course, that’s not the right place to go. That’s not a good tactic, and we never argue with customers. The first rule of selling, always agree.  Okay, are you good with that Performance Guarantee?

Performance Guarantee Example 2

Here’s another one, “Todd, we believe we can save more money if we go directly to the listing agent.” My response would be, “Well, a couple of things concern me about that, Mr. Buyer; number one is that nobody’s looking out for your best interest. It’s always nice to have another advocate on your side.

And secondly, the listing agent’s job is to get the seller the most amount of money. There are no guarantees that they will come off of their commission or give it to you when the seller may want it. Right. So, what about this? What about if I could guarantee how much money you could save. How much money were you thinking about saving?”

The buyer says, “Well, we’re buying a $300,000 home. We thought we could probably get them to cut their commission in half if there’s no other agent involved. So, they would get 3%, and we would get the other 3% as a savings.” So, you find out if they are counting on saving at least nine grand and find out that’s true.

You could put in writing that you’ll save them at least 10,000. If you don’t get the buyer at least $10,000 in savings, you’ll pay the difference. Now that’s a GUARANTEE. You would tell the buyer, if they are on their own, going directly to the seller, most likely they’ll have no guarantees. Okay. Do you see what I did? I pulled out a Performance Guarantee because I didn’t know what else to say in that circumstance.

Performance Guarantee Example 3

Or how about this one? “Well Todd, you know, this sounds pretty good and all, and we like what you’re presenting to us, but you know what, we believe we can save money if we stay with for sale by owner and go directly to the buyer.” How can we handle this one? Another Performance Guarantee!! You can guarantee that you’ll get the buyer the price they want, and if you don’t, there is no commission.

See what I just did, you offer your Batman Utility Belt of Performance Guarantees. As a Real Estate Agent at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, you’re equipped with an enormous toolbox, or how should I say this compartment in your Batman Utility Belt to go and CRUSH it.

We do a lot of training like this at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty with webinars, workshops, boot camps, masterminds, and conferences and we have our own YHSGR University and so much more.

Go Serve Big!

This post was all about using Performance Guarantees to overcome objections.

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