February 2, 2022

The Secret to Selling

Discover the secret to selling so you can create lifetime customers. These methods are tested and approved selling skills you’ll want to know about. 

The Secret to Selling

Aiming to create lifetime customers is such an amazing way to approach your real estate business. It should be the goal of every transaction you have with home buyers and home sellers. Creating lifetime customers is the goal of any small business. If you are like me I love learning new strategies to provide value! As we’ve built our real estate business, we have learned several strategies to create lasting relationships. This post will share with you the strategies we have learned.

You are going to learn the secret to selling.

After learning about all of the secrets to selling, you too will be able to create lifetime customers who refer their friends and family members to you!

This post is all about the secret to selling that every real estate agent should to know in order to create lifetime customers. 

The Secret to Selling

Agents, imagine, you’re at your listing appointment, the seller says everything looks excellent, and they think you’re the best thing that ever happened (you’re sharing all of your value with your prospect) but they still believe they need to interview other real estate agents.

Well, what most real estate agents to save the business is discount their fees.

When you show up to a listing presentation, please take note here, are you taking this down?

It’s essential to read your audience!

You need to build rapport with your client. And you need to know what their DISC concept is.

If you’re not familiar with DISC, it’s a powerful tool to help you understand people’s behaviors and their motivators.

If you’re not using this strategy in your Real Estate business, then you’re just getting by.

You could be getting many more signed agreements.

You’re not growing and scaling your business to its potential.

So, you’re gauging motivation, gauging DISC, and building rapport before you ever do anything else.

Now, it’s time to find out what is most important to them.

Keep in mind:

  • What is their vision?
  • Why are they moving?

You’ve got to demonstrate your systems, business and value get them what they want, that no other agent or brokerage can offer. **For example, at YHSGR, we have the systems in place to demonstrate and deliver exceptional service. ** For instance, here is what you need to show:

  • You’re going to be the deliverer of what they want.
  • You’re going to go the second mile and over-deliver; excellent customer service, going through the benefits, presentation, and demonstrating value.

If you don’t do this, you’re going to assume that all they want is their home sold at some price, in some timeframe.

Many Buyers and Sellers think agents are all the same. Therefore, you need to demonstrate value and alter the demonstration to fit with their DISC behaviors and motivators.

For example, if they are a C, slow the presentation down and be detailed. However, if they are a D, speed up, and get ready to sign on the dotted line.

Of course, you’re going to show them how the VIP Buyer Profile System or Guaranteed Sale Program gets them what they want, which then gets you what you want, an agreement signed by a Buyer or Seller. In other words, a LIFETIME CUSTOMER!!


Yet, you’re not done, it is imperative to get these 2 things on every transaction:

  1. A Referral; and, a
  2. Five-Star Review.

Above all, it comes down to this… if you know what it is, they want, and their expectations are met, you’re in great shape!

In conclusion, now go out and help more people buy and sell the awesome place they call home!

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This post was all about the secret to selling.

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